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You have fought gallantly. Worthy of recognition in the history archives of the Jedi Order. Now it is finished. (pauses briefly) Surrender – and your lives will be spared.

– Count Dooku, Attack of the Clones

Today we remember Kahn Bonfils who died 2015 in his early forties.

Kahn Bonfils was a British actor and model who played Saesee Tiin in The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones.
He died suddenly after collapsing during a play rehearsal with the Craft Theatre Company for a new production of Dante’s Inferno.

Jesse Jensen played Saesee Tiin in the Arena sequences in Attack of the Clones. He is the brother of Zachariah Jensen who played Kit Fisto in the same movie.

Kenji Oates was a network assistant for Revenge of the Sith but he also got the opportunity to play Saesee Tiin in the same movie.

Saesee Tiin, a powerfully built humanoid with two down-sweeping horns, is a member of the Jedi Council. He survived the battle in Geonosis arena and was one in the group of Jedi Masters that was to arrest Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

Saesee Tiin’s bust, as found in the Jedi Archives.