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Cable detached!

– Wes Janson, The Empire Strikes Back

Today we celebrate Ian Liston at his 67th birthday (born 1948)

Ian Liston was born in England and played Wes Janson and a AT-AT driver in The Empire Strikes Back.

Here is an interview with Ian Liston

Wes Janson is a lieutenant in the Rebel Alliance and served as tail gunner for Wedge Antilles during the Battle of Hoth.

Thus he ironically played both an Imperial and a Rebel, and in one sequence of the film is in effect trying to shoot himself down.[3]

Regarding his scenes as Janson with Wedge Antilles, Liston revealed in 2005 that the two actors were never actually on set together. Liston’s double took his place when the scene focused on Lawson (Antilles) and vice versa.

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