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In my book, experience outranks everything.

– Captain Rex, The Clone Wars

Today we clebrate Dave Filoni at his 41st birthday (born 1974)

Dave Filoni was born in Pennsylvania, USA and was the supervising director for The Clove Wars and for the Star Wars Rebels. He also made some cameo voices as stormtrooper #1 in Star Wars Rebels and Embo, Jakoli and Spots Podal in The Clone Wars.

Read more about Dave Filoni in Introducing… Dave Filoni and Interview: Dave Filoni on Star Wars Rebels. To know what he is up to today you may follow him at Facebook or Twitter.

Embo is a Bounty hunter operating during the Clone Wars.

Jakoli is a Rodian Bounty hunter operating during the Clone Wars.

Spots Podal is a Gotal Alien living on the planet Courascant.