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The Emperor’s coming here?

– Moff Jerjerrod, Return of the Jedi

Today we celebrate Michael Pennington at his 72th birthday (born 1943)

Michael Pennington was born in England, UK and played Moff Jerjerrod in Return of the Jedi. He is a British director and actor who, together with director Michael Bogdanov, founded the English Shakespeare Company. It was an English theater company to present and promote the works of William Shakespeare on both a national and an international level.

Commander Jerjerrod is the Imperial officer supervising the construction of the second Death Star.

The use of archival footage from Return of the Jedi (1983) in the Special Edition of The Empire Strikes Back (1997) means that Jerjerrod has a cameo in The Empire Strikes Back. When Vader’s shuttle arrives aboard the Executor, it is Jerjerrod waiting to greet him.

Vader’s shuttle arrives aboard the Executor, The Empire Strikes Back Special Edition

Vader’s shuttle arrives aboard the Death Star, Return of the Jedi