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Then I’ll see you in hell!

– Han Solo, The Empire Strikes Back

Today we remember Des Webb who died today year 2002

Des Webb (birthday missing) played the Wampa in The Empire Strikes Back. Having acting in no previous movie he got the part because he was 2,08 meters/6’10” and still he used stilts in the costume. But stilts, a fur suit, and snow do not mix well, unfortunately.

Most of the intended scenes for the “Ice Creature” were removed from the final version of the movie. All that was left was the arm that knocks Luke off his tauntaun and a close up of the roaring wampa. but the arm knocking Luke Skywalker was not Webb’s on disguise, and the roaring wampa is just a puppet. So was Des Webb ever in the final movie? Well, there is a glimps of the wampa dragging Luke in the snow.

In the Special Edition version of The Empire Strikes Back ILM artist Howie Weed designed and wore a new wampa suit for the additional scenes.

Wampa is the ice creature Luke runs into on the snow planet Hoth. It is over two meter in high and a stealthy predator.

Was the wampa attack on Luke written to explain Hamills facial injuries?
What do you think?