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Listen, why don’t you wait out by the speeder. We don’t want any trouble.

– Luke Skywalker, A New Hope

Today year 2002 was the release of the action figure Djas Puhr from Hasbro

Kim Falkinburg was assistant auditor for A New Hope but also played Djas Puhr in the same movie.

Djas Puhr is one of the alien in Mos Eisley Cantina. He is the black skinned and bald Sakiyan bounty hunter.


Year 2005 at 10:00 was the release of tickets for Revenge of the Sith in Sweden

When they opened the ticket sell at Rigoletto in Stockholm for Revenge of the Sith, the line was the longest ever for a movie ticket release in Stockholm. And I was there and it was amazing!
A quick calculation that morning and I know that the last persons in the line would not got a ticket for the first show, the salon only have 756 seats. In the first hour 918 tickets was sold.