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We don’t need to see his identification.

– A stormtrooper in A New Hope

Today we celebrate Terence McGovern at his 73rd birthday (born 1942)

Terry McGovern was born in California, USA and did the voice of stormtroopers in A New Hope. He was one of four uncredited voice-over artists to do the voices for stormtroopers.

Terry McGovern had worked with George Lucas earlier with the THX-1138. At one point McGovern improvised the line, “I think I just ran over something back there, I think I ran over a wookiee.”. George Lucas never forgot the word a used it several years later in the Star Wars universe.

Read more about Terry McGovern’s work with Star War and everything else he has done, on his own website.

Stormtroopers are military soldiers loyal to the Emperor. They are completely encased in a white armored spacesuit shell, and are armed with blasters.