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Patience. We should wait for Obi-Wan to report back. We don’t know that Count Dooku has made a treaty with the Corporate Alliance, it’s speculation.

– Mace Windu, Attack of the Clones

Today we celebrate Hilton Howson at his 41st birthday (born 1974)

Hilton Howson was born in Sydney, Australia and worked in the creature department for Attack of the Clones. He also played Toonbuck Toora in the same movie.

Howard Swindell started his career as a sculptor and painter and worked on The Phantom Menace in 1997 for Nick Dudman. He played Toonbuck Toora in The Phantom Menace.

Toonbuck Toora is a female hulking senator during the waning days of the Republic.

Rogwa Wodrata is a female senator during the waning days of the Republic.

Toonbuck Toora was originally to have appeared in Attack of the Clones. She was to have been in the Separatist war room scene on Geonosis in Attack of the Clones, but was digitally replaced by Rogwa Wodrata because George Lucas was unsatisfied with Toora’s mask.