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The son of Skywalker must not became a Jedi.

– The Emperor, The Empire Strikes Back

Today we celebrate Clive Revill at his 85th birthday (born 1930)

Clive Selsby Revill was born in Wellington, New Zealand and did the voice of the Emperor in The Empire Strikes Back.

Elaine Melba Baker, born Parkyn, played the Emperor in The Empire Strikes Back.

In the Emperor’s appearance as a hologram in The Empire Strikes Back, he is voiced by Clive Revill and played by Elaine Baker. It is her face masked as the Emperor and the eyes of an orangutan. 24 years after the release of the film their performance as the Emperor in The Empire Strikes Back was deleted and replaced by the face and voice of Ian McDiarmid, who has played the role in all the subsequent episodes.

The Emperor is a manipulating and powerful leader of the Galactic Empire.