Finally they found the Choosen One


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Something’s happening . . . I’m not the Jedi I should be. I am one of the most powerful Jedi, but I’m not satisfied … I want more, and I know I shouldn’t.

– Anakin, Revenge of the Sith

Today year 2000 Hayden Christensen announced that he would be starring as Anakin Skywalker in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith

Casting Director Robin Gurland had estimates that she reviewed close to 1,500 candidates, at one level or another, for the part. Director George Lucas had turned down such big names as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Phillipe and Paul Walker for the role, as well as 400 other candidates.

Casting Director Robin Gurland tells about finding Hayden Christensen:
Gurland knew from the instant she first saw Christensen that the young Canadian newcomer had potential. “When Hayden came for his first meeting, I opened the door, and I just suddenly became flushed, because I knew. I sat him down and looked at him through the camera, and all of a sudden, I just knew that Anakin had walked in the door. I literally picked up the phone and called George and said, ‘Anakin just walked in.’ But I had to continue on, because casting is kind of a never-ending process.”


Green-skinned dancer


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There will be no bargain, young Jedi. I shall enjoy watching you die.

– Jabba the Hutt, Return of the Jedi

Today we celebrate Femi Taylor at her birthday. (Source)

Femi Taylor was born in Nigeria and played the dancer Oola in Return of the Jedi. She returned for additional scenes in Special Edition 14 years later looking remarkably unchanged.

Wookiepedia states that she was 22 yeras old when she get the role as Oola. In that case she was born 1959/1960 and in her late 30th when she return for The Special Edition.

Read an interview with Femi Taylor at her first ever convention appearance, in Houston.

Oola is a beautiful green-skinned Twi’lek dancer, enslaved to Jabba the Hutt.

There is a fan site for Oola at Facebook.

A Queen of Naboo


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We must keep our faith in the Republic. The day we stop believing democracy can work is the day we lose it.

– Queen Jamillia, Attack of the Clones

Today we celebrate Ayesha Dharker at her 38th birthday (born 1978)

Ayesha Dharker was born during 1977 in Bombay, India. She played Queen Jamillia of Naboo in Attack of the Clones.

Queen Jamillia is the new monarch of Naboo after Queen Amidala.

A Gantry Officer on the Death Star


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TK-421. Why aren’t you at your post? TK421, do you copy?

– Lieutenant Pol Treidum, A New Hope

Today we celebrate Peter Sumner at his 74th birthday (born 1942)

Peter Sumner was born in Sydney, Australia and played a Lieuntenant in A New Hope. Sumner was a high school teacher before he started acting. In an interview in 1978 for the Sir Joseph Banks high school newspaper, he revealed that he had an uncredited role in the movie Star Wars. He has a son named Luke.

Lieuntenant Pol Treidum is a gantry Officer on the first Death Star. He was first named Pol Treidum in Star Wars Customizable Card Game – A New Hope Limited

The voice of Kit Fisto


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Then our worst fears have been realized. We must move quickly if the Jedi Order is to survive.

– Mace Windu, The Revenge of the Sith

Today we celebrate Phil LaMarr at his 49th birthday (born 1967)

Phil LaMarr did the voice for Kit Fisto in The Clone Wars, TV Series, 2008-2014, and in Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars video game and in The Clone Wars  Republic Heroes video game.

In The Clone Wars TV series Phil Marr also lent his vice to several other characters like Bail Organa, Orn Free Taa, Clu Lesser, Zinn Paulness.

Phil LaMarr then reprised his role as Bail Organa in Star Wars Rebels, TV Series, 2014-2015. He also has lent his voice to characters in different video games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I and II.

Another who have played Kit Fisto is Zacharias Jensen. He played Kit Fisto in Attack of the Clones credit as Zac Jensen. Zacharias Jensen is the brother of Jesse Jensen who played Saesee Tiin in the same movie.

Ben Cooke, the stunt double for Hayden Christensen, played Kit Fisto in Revenge of the Sith.

Kit Fisto is an alien Jedi Master, a Nautolan with large eyes and tentales. The design of Kit Fisto was first developed as a male Sith apprentice but that idea was abandoned.

Kit Fisto – Arriving in the fog (video)

It took three to play Saesee Tiin


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You have fought gallantly. Worthy of recognition in the history archives of the Jedi Order. Now it is finished. (pauses briefly) Surrender – and your lives will be spared.

– Count Dooku, Attack of the Clones

Today we remember Kahn Bonfils who died 2015 in his early forties.

Kahn Bonfils was a British actor and model who played Saesee Tiin in The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones.
He died suddenly after collapsing during a play rehearsal with the Craft Theatre Company for a new production of Dante’s Inferno.

Jesse Jensen played Saesee Tiin in the Arena sequences in Attack of the Clones. He is the brother of Zachariah Jensen who played Kit Fisto in the same movie.

Kenji Oates was a network assistant for Revenge of the Sith but he also got the opportunity to play Saesee Tiin in the same movie.

Saesee Tiin, a powerfully built humanoid with two down-sweeping horns, is a member of the Jedi Council. He survived the battle in Geonosis arena and was one in the group of Jedi Masters that was to arrest Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

Saesee Tiin’s bust, as found in the Jedi Archives.

A Bounty hunter


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Bounty hunters. We don’t need that scum.

– Admiral Piett, Empire Strikes Back

Today we celebrate Cathy Munroe/Katy Jarrett at her 56th birthday (born 1959)

Cathy Munroe was born in London, UK as Catherine Munroe. She later changes her name to Katy Jarrett to be able to join the Actors Equity. Cathy played Zuckuss and Wiorkettle in Empire Strikes Back.

Read more about Cathy Munroe and her work at her website and read an interview with her.

Zuckuss is a Gand and a bounty hunter hired by Darth Vader to hunt down the Millenium Falcon.

Wiorkettle is a Snivvian in the Cloud City.
In imdb and Cathys own website the name is spelled Wiokettle (without the “r”).

Four-armed cook and diner proprietor


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I should think that you Jedi would have more respect for the difference between knowledge and… heh heh heh… wisdom.

– Dexter Jettser, Attack of the Clones

Today we celebrate Ron Falk at his 80th birthday (born 1935)

Ron Falk was born in Geelong, Australia and played Dexter Jettster in Attack of the Clones, credit as Ronald Falk.

Dexter ‘Dex’ Jettster runs the Dex’s Diner on the streets of Coco Town on Coruscant. He is an old friend to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Darth Sidious apprentice


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At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge.

– Darth Maul, The Phantom Menace

Today we celebrate Ray Park at his 44th birthday (born 1974)

Ray (Raymond) Park was born in Glasgow, Scotland and played Darth Maul and a Naboo Royal Guard in The Phantom Menace. Ray Park is present on Facebook and with a personal website but none of them is updated the last years. But if you want to know about his background in Martial Arts read his website.

Ray Park had a small, silver earring when sitting down to do the Darth Maul makeup, and it was only noticed later. But George Lucas said he liked it, so the earring stayed.

Darth Maul is a Zabrak from Dathomir. He is the apprentice of Darth Sidious and fights with a double-bladed lightsaber.

Naboo Royal Guard is the security forces protecting the Queen and her people.

Ray Park as Naboo Royal Guard (which of them?)

Ray Park as Naboo Royal Guard (which of them?)

A Princess or nobody


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Are you sure about this? Trusting our fate to a boy we hardly know? The Queen will not approve.

– Padmé Amidala, The Phantom Menace

Today we celebrate Madison Lloyd at her 24th birthday (born 1991)

Madison Lloyd was born in Colorado, USA and played a young Naboo girl in The Phantom Menace. Madison Lloyd is the younger sister to Jake Lloyd who played young Anakin in the same movie.

In an interview in Star Wars Insider 39, Jake Lloyd revealed that “She (Madison) played Princess Ellie.” Princess Ellie is then most likely the sister of the young queen Amidala/Padmé.

However, this name has never appeared in any canon source, and Leland Chee has stated that the character does not have an official name.